The biggest Digital Transformation of Pakistan is currently in progress at Gatron and the G&T Group. It will result in a cultural shift that brings together people, data, and processes from across the business to create a better customer experience and become more resilient and competitive in a digital world.

For the purpose of digital transformation, we have selected the world’s leading ERP system SAP S/4HANA and its implementation is in progress. The system consists of integrated software components, called modules, that each focus on an essential business functions like finance, controlling, material management, production planning, quality management, sale & distribution, project system, investment management, plant maintenance and human resource management.

Gatron will take benefit from this digital transformation by incorporating SAP ERP since it is  simple to work with, but also eases out various industrial operations, offering effective solutions to complex issues.

High level Digital Roadmap

  1. ERP S/4 HANA
  2. Successfactors
  3. Transport Management / Manufacturing / Capital Program
  4. Governance , Risk and Compilence
  5. Business Intelligence / SAP Analytics Cloud/DIBO

Benefits of This Digital Transformation


Boosts Business Efficiency

To streamline different business processes, and introduce a greater degree of efficiency all throughout Gatronova company.


Boosts compliance

Using the SAP framework for Gatron means wecan ensure that all operations comply with our company policies. In case of any exceptions, the system will automatically reject the action or set off an alert to notify you on time.


Allows Easy Scalability

Activation of a company-wide system that can easily accommodate business growth without having to make changes from the grass root level.


Building the Workforce

HR needs to efficiently spot, cultivate, and retain talent without bias to this digital transformation will help to do this powered by Successfactors Performance & Goal Module. Organizations need the best of talent and resources to fine-tune this potential for a company to be at the forefront.


Improves Predictions

New system will provide options that help in generating company forecasts. Gatron Management can access the best accurate information related to business. With the detailed information stored in the new system, it can easily refer to the real-time facts and figures, to prepare realistic assessments of business.


Better Data Management

New system can accumulate all the scattered data in one place and keep it organized for Gatron. It is important for a company to have all its important data stored in a particular location. Even if there are multiple sources to feed information to company, this new system can do it.


Optimizes Cost & Time

The SAP ERP system will be a single source for Gatron specific details. If our team can fetch the most accurate and up-to-date information from a specific location, then it will automatically reduce the operational complexities and expenses.


Better Employee Experience

This Digital Transformation also contains SAP Success Factors which assists in building a customized and engaging experience for employees. It aims to make their lives easier without discrimination and generate relevant experiences to increase their efficiency.


Promotes Flexibility

By integrating SAP in the Gatron business platform, the company will achieve a greater amount of flexibility in adapting to changes in the market dynamics. In order to grow and expand, it is imperative that Gatron adapts its various functions to the changes that prevail in the market.


Integrating and Analyzing Data

SAP SuccessFactors solutions allow HR to provide valuable workforce data to drive the organization forward. This powerful visualization tool allows decision-makers to gain insight into their workforce and make informed or even predictive decisions, enhancing productivity, overlooking income, and employee satisfaction.


Adapting to Digitization

The SAP HR platform provides power to digital approaches with a scalable and expandable cloud system. This works by deploying an end-to-end system or simply adding functionality as and when required. It offers recommendations and senses patterns with AI/ML integrated into the software.


Managing Workforce Segments

SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Fieldglass provides the management with full insight and control, allowing informed decision making. This is achieved by getting the complete control of the workforce, unifying data to a single platform, and removing disparities.