Polyester Filament Yarn

Looking for a reliable Polyester Filament Yarn manufacturer? Gatron caters to a wide range of clients in Pakistan and around the world.

Gatron has marked itself as a leader within the Polyester sector due to its integrated operations and diverse portfolio. Our process for producing Polyester Filament Yarn starts with a Polymerization Plant through which we create a wide range of Polyester Filament Yarn products. These yarns come in Super Bright, Semi Dull & Full Dull lusters, and in Raw White, Black, and Dope Dyed Colours.

Our Denier Range is from 30 to 1000 Denier in Intermingled and Non-Intermingled Yarn, and our denier per filament ranges from 6 dpf (normal) to 0.1 dpf (super micro). At Gatron, we understand the value of our customers and provide them with any personalized combination they desire.

We also offer 100% Recycled Filament Yarn made from post consumer Reycled plastic under the brand name “Ecoron”

Our Air Covered Yarn products are made with a combination of two different yarns, which results in excellent features such as breathability, stretch, and soft feel. These features can be felt in any apparel whether it be Denim, Athleisure or Activewear.